Database browser

To access all tables of the current database, even those belonging to plugins not activated yet. Practically most useful access are concerned with the "genVar" table that has direct access with icons defined below :
  • General initialisations for the whole system (home-page, main addresses, phpInfo secret directory etc.).
  • Url settings.
  • Languages settings.
  • Menus settings.
  • File browser settings.
  • Database settings.
  • Some options for the image zoom.
  • Some login options. Remark : table-genVar::forbiddenUserId (alias "identification") is a phony user that is never allowed to have a connection, consequently it's a good protection against attacks.
  • To manage webmasters Ids and passwords.

Remarks : the above options are often in interaction with specific page tags that have been optimised during the installation process.

General remarks:
Managing the content of the database is done either with the database browser Direct access to the database fields that can change directly the specified database fields or with the specialised functions through the general interface and that change often many values to get complex modifications, for example (InsertOnePage,   InsertMultiLgPages,   PageIndep) to insert a new page for each language or the current language.

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