Frequently Asked Questions
  • What's the available editing possibilities :
    • Any wysiwyg available with your browser
    • The included Wysiwyg , thanks to
    • The squared brackets that were mainly programmed to group a complex set of instruction, to call different programs, and to propose a syntactically more secure edition frame when the situation needs it.
  • Why a new CMS ? After about 12 years on building different CMS from scratch, this one is the 3rd and is a fully new creation 100% oriented open source / GPL, reasons are multiple :
    1. To maximize the availability and durability of the work done on this project. The open source concept is ideal on the Web because of the low cost of the distribution process and is especially adapted to relatively small structures that do not have some other distribution gears already on the market.
    2. To improve user comfort with many programmers to address some requests.
    3. For the great feelings that come from a great product fully understood.
    4. Pour the sake of starting a project that can deliver great services.
    • To avoid being specialized inside a too narrow programming field.
      • Advantage of a full control of the kernel to maximize the flexibility and other matters..
      • To benefit from the flexibility of a young structure.
      • For many other reasons explained in parallel of plugins publication.

Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.