Main bar details

Ataox main edition basr
  • Main buttons :
    • Home A home button.
    • Surf Edit Surf & Edit Buttons to force the sort of display, from left to right : surf, edit, or both together.
    • Exchange the edit and the surf pannel. A button to exchange the surf and edit panel.
    • Refaire To reload the current page.
    • Control Panel! A Control Pannel to group current and usefull tools and access
    • File Manager A File Manager for a great freedom of actions, for example :
      • Classical options : Move, Copy, Rename, Duplicate, Erase, Create folders and files.
      • Edit a text file.
      • Upload a file on the server.
      • Change files and folders rights.
      • Automatic creation of thumbs.
      • Zip, creations and extraction.
      • Visualisation of 2 columns along different modes (Simple, Details, Thumbs, Gallery)
      • Gallery mode with full gallery building algorithm.
      • Using configurable bookmarks.
      • Other general tools.
    • Access configuration variables of the database. A quick access to the database to do some direct text edition anywhere.
    • compress and uncompress! To compress and uncompress files and folders with zip files..
    • Open a new surf tab Open a new surf tab.
    • Calculator Access a scientific calculator.
    • Finish the session Finish the session! It's necessary to click on this button to unlog and erase the connexion concerned cookies.

Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.