Main editor :

Main Ataox editor in Page mode

Main Ataox editor in Menu mode Above : the main editor in edit mode (1st image : the button Page (yellow highlighted) was stroked and became red). Second image : the Menu button was stroked and allows within the edit panels a precise definition of the menus. Colors highlighting for this document :
  • Pink top-left : main saving panel to save a page or a menu content, depending on the mode we are in. This set also encompass "undo" (red curved arrow) and the "redo" buttons (green curved arrow) that does not appear here, because nothing was undone when we copied the screen. The 3rd button Reset erased the undo / redo memories.
  • Light blue ; an edit bar that allows XM2 text formatting (you can use the Html wysiwyg instead, but it's not advised for complicated things). This bar is linked to 2 small alternative buttons that allow to go from one bar to the other depending on situation and preference.
  • Highlighted in green : mode buttons Pages or Menu and just below, the whole set of page or available menus with the actual element displayed in the top left corner.

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