Interface Philosophy and generalities :
  • Open source GPL.
  • A user friendly environment as flexible as our possibilities allow. This is done with three modes : surf, edit and both together accessible with 3 specialised buttons and therefore allowing the desired result with only one mouse click.
    • Zoom on options : Surf Only the surf, Edit editor only, or Surf & Edit both at the same time, this allows a very quick access to the code and matching results.
    • Edit This button can impose the editor in the left or the right when the editor and the surf option appear together.
    • Summary : The editor and the last recorded version of the site can appear side by side on one screen.
  • Inserting information directly in Html using the internal wysiwyg editor or any Html editor you choose, or using the XM2 tags (polyvalent squared brackets) allowing to call any previously XM2 defined entity! These nested tags offer a great flexibility, and for the simplest one they are identical to those available inside the forum having for direct consequence to foster for some user what is already known.
  • A CMS easy to use and easy to program : indeed, to assure long term quality, a strict programming organisation is necessary and the quality that follow benefits directly the front users.
  • For more information, see the strong point of the CMS.

Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.