Advantages of this CMS for SEO, especially natural web indexing :
  • Built from the beginning with indexing in mind.
  • All html tags helping to index a site can be clearly specify for each page, and this is especially valid for the meta html tags like "title", "description" and "keywords".
  • Hyper-links can be clearly specify in each concerned language.
  • Many other points are already taken into consideration or part of the evolution plan.

To learn more on these topics, you can visit the Wikipedia page named : Search engine optimization

Disclaimer :
  • Ataox evolved along with SEO but it does not mean it should be easy to get the first positions on search engines! In fact Ataox is just a tool and stable prominent search engines positions are very dependent on the quality of the content and what other people think about it, please note at the same time it's very important that websites with good contents use good tools.
  • Ataox does not have tools for any kind of spamdexing, linked farms and associated concepts, of course it does not means that it's not possible do do some spamdexing with Ataox, but it just means that tools to do it are not going to be programmed by the kernel team.

Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.