Advantages of Ataox for the publication of a curriculum vitae
  1. Saving paper.
  2. Protect sensitive content with a password.
  3. Mastering a CMS (content management system) and the associated environment. Following, a few points that can be added to a curriculum vitae :
    1. Managing your own domain name.
    2. Choosing a physical host and installing the needed software.
    3. Learning Ataox to do the relevant publications
    4. Using tags and code to do some SEO (search engine optimization) work.
    5. Protect your confidential data on line with a user name and a password.
    6. Create your own plugin, automatically done in 1 minute for its functional core, and eventually start to program useful functions in Php and facultatively Javascript.
It's interesting to see that in these case, it's often possible to add six lines of new competences to a CV and if motivated enough to try lateral possibilities, it could become a real strong set of skills.

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Ataox a CMS adapted for Search Engine Optimization.