Xpetal (eXtensible Polyvalent Encapsulated TAgged Language)

Xpetal is a tagged language used by Ataox to define its web pages. The only limit on multiple tag imbrication is the concerned computers memories. Other characteristics are the capability to call any function that has been programmed for that in the environment with the possibility to call extremely complex interactions with a single little tag.

The Xpetal code or [...] code which avantages are explained here (dot 2) is easily available for webmasters with the instant edition bars.Even so all tags are not directly available like that for different reasons like : security limitation of the forum bar also available to webmasters and the fact that information and documentation tools are always a little bit behind what they have to describe, so we have this list to bridge this little gap and as a matter of facts these tags being quite rare they are likely to stay here for some time.

Special Xpetal tags :
  • [mBr /] : a line break or new line associated within the tag [mainForm]... it could be useful right after the installation if inside the contact form you wish to suppress (now done during the installation with a Xpetal comment) the line allowing the user to get an email copy of what was sent because if the line is just suppressed the send button is on the same level as the main text box. Please note that the [mBr /] tags got to related tags that stack the newline inside the main visible buffer :
    • [br /] : simple break for a new line.
    • [bf /] : a more powerful break that does a new line but also jump any image that is on its way to end on the far left side of the screen.
  • [mainForm] : the Xpetal code inside [mainForm]...[/mainForm] gto the unique characteristic to be loaded in two intermediate buffers before being sent to the main display buffer, following that fact, for a correct display all tags inside mainForm must load these intermediate buffer and not the main one A second type of form tags exist, it's [eForm] that uses the main buffer like most other tags, but user error management is harder, [eForm] is so reserved for internal applications. when it's easier and also for historical reasons.
  • [fromBdToDblVect] ... [/fromBdToDblVect] : from the Body (the main accumulator) To the Double accumulation Vector. If surrounding standard tags with this tag they can be directly used inside [mainForm]...[/mainForm].
  • [mailOkChekBox prfx="Please check this box" sffx="to get a copy of your email" /] : This code allows the form user to get an email copy of what was sent but is a bit risky for the website because :
    1. Prank e-mails are a possibility.
    2. The form user will get the webmaster email address even when the webmaster would have wished the reverse.
    3. Conclusion : probably better to avoid this option except inside a secure context like an internal network or another-way to check user access, like for registered users

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