Ataox copyrights and GPL license

The rights and commitments of Ataox users are fully defined by the GPL license 3rd version, 29th June 2007, we can summarize it with the following points : The Open source paradigm managed to involve million of people for many fundamental reasons such as :
  1. Internet improved radically the possibilities to distribute information and in the case of computer programs the possibility to distribute them as well, and in such a context anything (price, privative copyrights etc.) that slow down the distribution rate need to be examined carefully to be sure that they won't threaten the product future by restricting the access.
  2. Considering the Internet speed and "exponential" growth the advantages of sharing information as easily as possible are often obvious and imply along an increased production at work the possibility to build an enormous network of competences where enthusiastic people help each others to reach goals that would have been impossible to reach on an information-proof island.
  3. Open source coding is often correlated with high quality and durability! Indeed when the source code is available for everyone, programming get one more dimension, what was before invisible is now fully public and must adapt to this new situation by making sure that its visibility has positive outcomes and the supplementary effort involved has positive effects on the programming code and on its stability.
  4. Open Source are often free or very cheap on the top of assuring the user freedom because it improves sharing and along the way the Open Source itself and the amplitude of the customers pool. On a more standard marketing vision a price at zero can be seen as a starter allowing later to benefit from a reputation of quality, from customer habits, from the possibility to sell supplementary products etc.

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